November 24, 2022
Bled, Slovenia

Abstract submission guidelines


Every participant can only submit ONE abstract. The symposium will be international thus all abstracts need to be written in English language.

All abstracts should be sent to slovenianmicrobiome(at)gmail.com where subject title should contain if the submitted abstract should be considered for short talk or poster presentation and in which section you would like to present in (example: ABSTRACT SUBMISSION FOR SHORT TALK, ENVIRONMENTAL MICROBIOME).


Please use the abstract template available here. Your abstract must contain the specific goals of the study, the methods used, a summary of the results and a conclusion. The title should clearly define the work discussed. The abstract must be in one paragraph and cannot contain more than 300 words (excluding the title, author or affiliation information). Do not add extra formatting to your abstract. Submitted abstracts will not be reviewed for typos, capitalization or punctuation errors. The abstract will appear in the final program as it was submitted.

Presentation Format

The decision of format (poster or oral) will be sent to you by email after the registration deadline.